Skin Care


Enjoy the benefits of professional skin care and facials from Innovations Salon in Naperville!  Facials are an essential part of a skin-care regimen. Facial massage techniques aid in detoxification, assist lymphatic drainage and provide stress relief.


OXYGEN FACIAL   (from $85)   60 minutes

Highly recommended for skin that requires oxygenation and rejuvenation. This facial enhances blood circulation allowing skin cells to function more effectively. Great for brides, or before an evening out! 

DEEP CLEANSING WITH ENZYME   (from $___)   60 minutes
Formulated for combination and oily skin types, this treatment regulates sebum production, frees clogged pores and stimulates cellular renewal. The skin appears clearer and more radiant.

HYDROPOWER TREATMENT   (from $95)   60 minutes

A combination of active ingredients that supply intense hydration and significantly boost the skin's natural protection against free radical damage. This treatment is ideal for tired, dehydrated skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN FACIAL   (from $90)    60 minutes

Specially formulated for skin showing signs of redness and presenting symptoms of Rosacea. Softens skin disturbed by climate and environmental factors.

TEEN FACIAL   (from $60)   40 minutes

A purifying facial that addresses the specific needs of teenage skin. Includes appropriate skin care tips.

EXPRESS TREATMENT   (from $55)   40 minutes

This facial is ideal for those who have limited time. This forty minute treatment includes a light exfoliation, massage and a finishing mask. Great for those on the go!

EXECUTIVE HEAD TRIP   (from $65)   30 minutes

An "ah" break from an intense day. A head, neck and scalp massage, lymphatic drainage for those tired eyes followed by a relaxing hand massage will clear the mind.

DEEP CLEANSING BACK TREATMENT   (from $80)   60 minutes

Designed to target the often neglected back area that may have clogged pores and be prone to blemishes. After a deep pore cleansing procedure and gentle extractions a soothing and detoxifying mask helps to clarify and refine the skins texture. 60 minutes              

MEN'S FITNESS FACIAL   (from $75)   60 minutes

This invigorating procedure improves the look and vitality of your face by deep cleansing and re-energizing your skin. A combination of exfoliates, steam and extractions will minimize the effects of razor irritation and leave your skin clear, smooth and glowing with vitality. 

MEN'S DE-STRESS TREATMENT   (from $90)   60 minutes

A glycolic facial to resurface and brighten the skin and a therapeutic massage will rejuvenate and restore peace of mind.

MEN'S HAND AND FOOT MASSAGE   (from $18)   20 minutes

Isn't it time you pampered those hard-working hands and feet? A must for text-weary thumbs and tuckered feet. 


Chemical peels are solutions applied to the skin’s surface like a mask. They safely remove outer layers of skin cells exposing younger undamaged layers of your skin. This will have your skin feeling soft and smooth. You will notice that healthy glow of a more radiant skin tone. Chemical peels will also slow aging by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Different types of chemical peels are used for wrinkles, acne, dry skin, discoloration, and even sensitive skin. 

Chemical Peels

To experience the best results from chemical peels it is recommended that you schedule a series of 4-8 treatments within a certain time frame. 

Single Service - $60
Series of 6 - $300


Series will be scheduled in advance. You will pay regular price for appointments 1-5 and your 6th service will be FREE!


Discover the most professional Naperville waxing services!  We take care of the waxing needs of both men and women and work skillfully to reduce discomfort.

Depending on the area that you are having waxed, your procedure can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. 



Lip Wax   $12
Chin Wax   $12
Eyebrow Wax   $17
Full Face Wax   $46
Brazilian Wax   $55
Bikini Wax   $30               
Lower Leg Wax   $40               
Full Leg Wax   $70               
Back Wax   $50
Full Arm Wax   $35
Chest Wax   $35
Underarm Wax   $22


Brow Grooming   $17
Back Wax   $50
Chest Wax   $35
Arms Wax   $35
Shoulders Wax   $2


Lashes $20 
Brows $20