Funky or Fun?

Here we are well into 2016 seeing rainbow color hair quickly becoming mainstream. Twenty years ago, anyone who dared would be considered avant-garde or even punk. But now, pops of pink, purple and even green hair can be found in the most sophisticated of board rooms.

When we’re talking about color, I always ask my clients "Do we want a whisper, a talk, or a shout?” This is how we decide together if we’re doing baby lights, Ombre' or even Balayage. We also discuss base shadowing and base bumps -- all to give you the chance to spice up your hair and add a spring to your step. It's funky AND fun.

Whether you would like to brighten up around your face, cover up some silver strands or try the latest rainbow color trend, our talented team of licensed and experienced professionals can help. Give us a call today to schedule your next hair color adventure. 630.983.8300

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